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Veneers in Long Beach, CA

Many people want the opportunity to transform their smiles without having to undergo extensive and invasive procedures. At the office of William J. McKibben, DDS, we provide veneers to improve the aesthetic of our patients’ teeth. This is an innovative treatment that permanently conceals imperfections, whether caused by genetics, bad habits, or trauma.

If you would like to renew the appearance of your teeth quickly, veneers may be the solution best suited for you. Contact our Long Beach cosmetic dentist, Dr. McKibben to schedule a consultation today!

Obtaining Veneers by William McKibben, DDS

During initial appointments with our dentist, a thorough examination is performed to assess current oral health and discuss the desired outcome. Dr. McKibben talks with patients on a one-on-one basis to gain a full understanding of their needs, what they wish to improve and answer any questions they may have. This helps our Long Beach dental team devise a treatment plan that will efficiently and conservatively achieve a desired smile.

Since 1985, Dr. McKibben has provided veneers to improve patients’ aesthetics. With his wealth of experience, our dentist is able to visualize the outcome of treatment before it even begins. To help patients picture the results of veneers, our dental team creates mock-ups and wax-ups of how their smile will appear after the procedure.

Quality Veneers in Long Beach

Our staff at the office of William McKibben, DDS, take a personable approach to dentistry. We understand that each patient’s smile is different, and everyone deserves a unique form of care. With this in mind, we inform patients which type of veneer is best suited to meet their dental goals. Both porcelain and direct resin veneers are available at our practice. These are created within a local trusted lab that meets our standard of excellence.

The two types of veneers are applied directly to the prepared teeth and do not impair dental function. Treatment typically takes two sessions to complete. When you leave your final appointment, you are left with a beautiful smile.

Whether you have one tooth with dental imperfections or several, veneers are an effective solution to either situation.  

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Our team welcomes patients in Long Beach and its surrounding communities to enhance the aesthetic of their smile with our passionate dentist. Dr. McKibben is dedicated to transforming the appearance of teeth so patients can feel confident when showing them off. To learn more about the veneers we offer, contact the office of William J. McKibben, DDS, today!


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