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Professional Teeth Whitening in Long Beach

Many patients ask Dr. William McKibben about teeth whitening treatments. Teeth absorb stains from heavily-pigmented foods and typically get darker with more exposure to tobacco products and alcohol consumption. Professional teeth whitening considerably brightens each tooth when common recommendations like specialized toothpaste and deep cleanings have failed.

People in the east Long Beach area visit Dr. McKibben for various cosmetic procedures to receive quality, lasting results. Teeth bleaching is popular because it takes a short amount of time, requires no painful procedures, and significantly lightens the entire teeth’s surface.

Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

Dr. McKibben offers Zoom! whitening to maximize efforts of an in-office treatment with a take-home follow-up. This version results in a smile that is several shades lighter and maintains its luster for an extended period. The follow-up step at home boosts the effectiveness of the version administered by the doctor.

The entire process takes less than 30 minutes at our practice and allows the convenience of completing treatment in the comfort of your home. Our doctor will review any helpful tips and directions about Zoom! during a consultation and before taking the accessories home.

Results Worth Smiling About

Teeth bleaching produces an instant effect without changing or modifying oral structures associated with other cosmetic therapies. Our doctor understands the key to successful whitening is how the treatment is delivered, having applied the hydrogen peroxide gel and UV light for dozens of patients with overwhelming success.

Patients want the confidence to smile wide and not worried about their teeth standing out or seen as unattractive. Our office works hard to enhance your smile in every way we can.

Will My Tooth Become More Sensitive with This Procedure?

Zoom! teeth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide to break up the staining on the surface of teeth safely. Roughly one in ten patients undergo a period afterward where tooth sensitivity is heightened. It is important to remember that sensitivity is common and will return to normal over time.

Patients who experienced acute sensitivity in the past are more prone to discomfort with hot and cold foods after teeth bleaching. Discuss any previous problems with our doctor to anticipate this. Our dentist offers enhancements like teeth whitening if your smile is determined to be in good condition and encourages strict oral hygiene afterward to prolong aesthetic quality.

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