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Digital Diagnostics and Technology in Long Beach, CA

At the office of William J. McKibben, DDS, we use advanced technologies to properly diagnose and treat our patients to improve their oral health and aesthetic. By using modern techniques and state-of-the-art technology, our dental team enhances the smiles of our patients in Long Beach. Our staff does everything we can to meet your need as each person is unique and requires personalized dental care.

With developments in dental medicine, we make sure to preserve the health of your teeth and their supporting structures. Our dentist utilizes the following technologies to improve the effectivity and efficiency of treatments.

Technology Available at Our Practice

CEREC consists of computer-assisted planning software to create crowns within one dental visit. Dr. McKibben gathers a digital configuration of your dental anatomy so the CEREC machine may produce a well-fitted, resilient, and natural-looking restoration. Crowns are col-md-6or-matched to surrounding teeth to provide a uniform appearance. Other than its aesthetic qualities, using CEREC allows patients to get back to their daily lives quicker, there is no need for temporary crowns, and they are long-lasting.

CariVu is an innovative diagnostic tool that makes it easier for our dental team to detect cavities. This technology uses transillumination to make dental enamel appear transparent, clearly exposing carious lesions. This instrument also allows Dr. McKibben to precisely identify new and developing cavities as well as recommend the appropriate treatments to address the dental decay.

Digital x-rays are widely used in modern day dentistry. At the office of William J. McKibben, DDS, our staff utilizes this technology to minimize a patient’s exposure to radiation and obtain an accurate image of their smile. Digital x-rays allow for the safest environment for our patients while improving our ability to obtain magnified, sharp, and detailed images of their dental anatomy.

T-scan is a technologically innovative computer that Dr. McKibben uses to detect bite problems. This modern advancement shows 2D and 3D representations of patients’ bites with the T-scan software to create an accurate treatment plan. This can help both our team and our patients confidently move forward when it comes to dental care. T-scan also allows our dentist to track changes in a patient’s dental anatomy over time.

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