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Dr. McKibbben’s dental office is a comfortable environment for achieving a healthy and beautiful smile. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive dental cleaning and exam, or you’re interested in full-service cosmetic dentistry to improve your confidence, our Long Beach dentist and his staff are here to help. You can find us across from Recreation Park Golf Course in the Park Estate areas.

We encourage first-time visitors to browse our website to learn more about Dr. McKibben and our available procedures. You can also find a 360-degree virtual tour of the inside of our office on our home page.

Serving New and Returning Patients in Long Beach

Whether you are meeting our team for the visit time or returning for your twice-yearly visit, you are treated with the utmost care and attention. New patients are provided time to sit down with Dr. McKibben and review existing dental and medical records, which help inform their ongoing treatment plan. A series of photographs are taken of your smile, along with X-rays, to create a benchmark of treatment progress and help patients see the transformation their smiles have undergone with our care.

Your treatment plan is developed with your input on final aesthetic outcome and health goals. For Dr. MicKibben, creating smiles that feel strong and look beautiful is a part excellent patient care. If your treatment plan is straight-forward, care can begin right away. Patients requiring complex attention can have services divided over time and in different appointments.

High-Tech Dental Care in Long Beach

General dentistry has benefited from the development of digital technology. This has changed the way Dr. McKibben documents and diagnoses dental issues, as well as how he is able to restore patients’ smiles. The best dental equipment improves the patient experience and helps you achieve the smile you want in less time.

To that end, we have invested in software that captures 3D images of your smile and mills dental crowns at chair-side, as well as a program can detect bite alignment issues. If you’re having dental X-rays taken during your appointment, images of your smile are captured quickly and with reduced radiation. Even cavity detection has improved; by shining a special light on teeth, Dr. McKibben can easily determine areas of decay on dental enamel.

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You can expect the best in cosmetic and restorative dentistry at the Long Beach dental office of William J. McKibben, DDS. Call us today at (562) 597-7417 or use our online appointment request to schedule a visit. We look forward to providing you with a healthy new smile.

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